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Now that I'm awake

I preferred my dreams

Fearless Jones

Hello! I'm Fearless Jones and I love to read, learn about past eras, make fanvids, watch tv, and read slash fanfic. I am also keenly interested in spirituality and faiths of the world. I have a morbid sense of humor, but I care deeply for my friends and for the finer things in life. I will never turn down a glass of wine, a bouquet of flowers, or a cat. :D

1776, a perfect circle, alice in chains, alphaville, amon tobin, band of brothers, bartleby, bbc, bbc america, bbc sherlock, being alone, big bad voodoo daddy, black and white movies, books, boondock saints, canada, canadian rock, cancer support, cannibalism, cannibals, catholicism, charlie chaplin, chris isaak, collecting, comic con, crime fiction, crispin glover, dead poets society, deeanne gist, dr. quinn medicine woman, dr. who, dramas, due south, edward norton, etiquette, fake, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fanvids, film noir, flappers, french music, gary oldman, george orwell, good omens, goth music, graham coxon, grape digging sharon fruits, green hornet, guy pearce, harry connick jr., hawaii, herman melville, hockey, ianto jones, independent film channel, jack harkness, james cagney, james may, jeremy clarkson, jerry cantrell, jerry lewis, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, jurassic park, jurassic park iii, lackadaisy cats, lacrosse, lemony snicket, lileks.com, literature, man of the century, manners, marina and the diamonds, married life, may, michael crichton, mickey spillane, mike doughty, mike hammer, moist, monk, morphine, mysteries, neil gaiman, nero wolfe, nick drake, nights of cabiria, old fashioned things, parties, peter mulvey, poetry, pubs, queen, raoul walsh, ravenous, really fucking weird slash, redwood creek wine, repo the genetic opera, reservoir dogs, rex stout, robert carlyle, robert sean leonard, san diego comic-con, sherlock, silence of the lambs, silent film stars, silent movies, siouxie and the banshees, skrillex, sky captain, slash fanfiction, songvids, soul coughing, south park, stephen ambrose, strongbow cider, swing music, television, the 1920's, the 1940's, the bran flakes, the colbert report, the daily show, the green hornet, the legend of 1900, the pacific, the pillows, the toadies, the virgin mary, the x-files, tim roth, tom stoppard, tool, top gear, torchwood, victorian clothing, voltaire, world war ii, xena warrior princess, youtube